The Museum Briner und Kern lies in the heart of Winterthur and is easily accessible by public transport.
S7 und S12 suburban trains run from Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main station) and Zurich-Stadelhofen to Winterthur main station every half-hour; the journey takes around 20 minutes. Trains from St Gallen to Winterthur take around 45 minutes. Zurich International Airport is at nearby Kloten and has regular train connections to Winterthur. The Museum Briner & Kern is within several minutes walking distance from Winterthur main station.
Motorists arriving from Zurich should take the sign-posted freeway exit Töss (Ausfahrt Töss), or from St Gallen exit Ohringen (Ausfahrt Ohringen), then follow the signs to the city centre (Stadtzentrum), from where the way to the Museum is well signposted. Two roofed car parks, Stadttheater and Liebewiese, are available.

Winterthur Town Hall
Winterthur's town hall (Rathaus) has a long tradition as a museum, having housed the city library and its "Wunderkammer" (collection of curiosities) from the 17th to the 19th century. The Jakob Briner Foundation was opened in 1970 in the then newly-renovated building. The historical ambience forms an ideal setting for the 17th century Dutch paintings, which the baroque wood panelling brings to effect perfectly. In 1998 the highly significant Emil S. Kern Miniature Portrait Collection found its place in Winterthur's town hall.
Different historical eras have left their mark on the town hall, although its structural core dates back to the 12th century. In one of the rooms, fragments of Gothic murals with depictions of the Saints Christopher and Sebastian have come to light. Presumably this was the site of a medieval chapel. Originating from the period of Classicism, the reception hall boasts a superb stucco ceiling by Lorenz Schmid. One particular showpiece, however, is a tiled stove richly decorated with paintings of biblical scenes und vanitas motifs. It was made in 1680 at the Winterthur workshop of David Pfau, but was moved here from Malans as part of the 1970 renovation.