Friends of the Emil S. Kern Miniature Portrait Collection
The support group, Friends of the Emil S. Kern Miniature Portrait Collection, was formed in late 2003 in Winterthur. The Friends' purpose and objective are to support the activities of the Museum Briner & Kern and to encourage public interest in miniature portrait painting, in particular for the Emil S. Kern Collection bequeathed to the City of Winterthur. Both academic and social gatherings are organised. Another primary concern is to publish scholarly research on the Collection in order to facilitate the development of the Museum and broaden its appeal among the general public.
Statutes (PDF)

What does membership offer?
All members are greatly appreciated and receive preferential treatment, which includes:

- membership card allowing free entry to the permanent exhibition and all
  special exhibitions
- regular newsletters on events and exhibitions
- guided tours and lectures exclusively for Friends
- invitation to the annual general meeting
- annual report (PDF)

In addition, the monthly guided tours of the Museum Briner & Kern in the town hall, held on a Thursday afternoon from 12:30 to 1:00 pm, are free for members. The Friends is a non-profit organisation, and therefore donations and membership fees are tax-deductible.

Membership Form
Museums need friends! Support us by becoming a member of the Friends of the Emil S. Kern Miniature Portrait Collection!
Membership Form (PDF)

Board Members
Dr. Margrit Joelson-Strohbach
Eugen Elsner, Treasurer
Peter Wegmann, Curator
Romi Arm, Auditor
Hans Frei, Auditor